From a very young age I was drawn to writing. Before I even knew to write, I would make up my own script and pretend to take notes like a journalist. My earliest memory of this is, when my family went to see the landing of the Concord in Charleston SC, and I wrote my scribbles in my little Mermaid spiral note book pretending to be a reporter. It was such an exciting day, and though I must have been just a very small girl, I remember the day so vividly.

From then I worked on my handwriting to perfection. Learning cursive in the USA and then continuing school in Germany I had various influences on my hand writing style, forming it to what it has become now. No wonder then, that the art of calligraphy, cursive writing, ink and all things pens have always fascinated me.

Now, all grown up, living in Hamburg in Germany, clicking my heels together, I would always wish myself to a place with writing, color, and paint, where I can be creative and let my mind flow. Voil√°: I am already here.