3 Reasons to become a Fashion Minimalist

My dear Fashionistas, 2018 is coming to a close, and the exciting time of renewal and resolutions is dawning. Perfect time to re-assess yourself, your own development and goals of the past year.

As a true Fashionista, you can’t do that without re-evaluating your wardrobe!

We love our wardrobes, don’t we? Our little collections of belts, sunglasses, those cute new shoes with the leopard print, next to all the other fabulous footwear we already own, those many handbags we just can’t seem to get around to actually using at all, because there seem to be not enough days for all the accessories we have.  Bottom line: we have more clothes than we actually wear and more than anyone could possibly need.

HALLOWEEN minimalism fashion. blue-jeans-casual-clothes-1082528

As a fashion gal, that seems to be a given, a generally agreed upon principal and core of the fashion life, some people think. Think again, it is not. Actually, it is the opposite. Fashion should make you happy. If you have too many clothes, no room to store it and no actual overview of all the things you have: Then fashion will make you unhappy, make you feel like you failed at being organized and weigh you down with all the clutter.

Minimalism! What used to be hyped as “simplify your whatever” is now simply called minimalism. Minimalism here, detoxed living there…the ultimate wardrobe is kept minimal. Pure.

What I am telling you is not made up from my own genius mind, boy would I wish, it is an acquired knowledge from all the blogs I have read, magazines I flipped through and the admiration for very well-dressed people. And actually, I know you are all aware of this as well: Owning less, makes you happier.

I am currently in a trial phase, myself. My job situation has changed, and I currently don’t need to be all dolled up for an office environment anymore. So, I tossed most of my clothing in boxes, stored them away and only left 5 basic well-fitting t-shirts, 3 nice blouses/tops (leopard print, flashy colors), 3 basic blouses in black or white, 3 pairs of pants/jeans and 4 sweaters in my closet. I occasionally come to the point that I need to revisit my boxes and pull out a nice dress, but that is a good thing, and will then go back into the closet. This is an experiment, not boot camp!

minimalism fashion. closet-clothes-clothes-rack-102129

I even stocked up on basic T-shirts, when I realized they are not enough but got the exact same style, one that I really like, looks good on me and feels very comfortable in various neutral colors. This way, like a uniform, I don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning, unless it is a very special occasion and can save precious time that I can spend on other things, like having coffee or talking to my mom on the phone!

Eventually, I will need to tackle those boxes of clothes, when my trial run is over in February. Right now, it looks like I will say bye-bye to two big boxes of clothes that actually, never made me happy and I haven’t missed them in the last 6 weeks, at all.

But so far I have realized these major Life changers:

I have more time! With having less clothes I also use less clothes. That means less washing and less ironing. More time for me and my Babe!

As my outfit is usually kept basic and is styled up or down more with a nice necklace and killer shoes, I don’t get changed as often during the day anymore. I can wear the same simple black T-shirt and Skinny jeans with Boots during the day to look more casual, and throw on my Heels and a bold lipstick for Drinks with the girls in the evening.

I’m less stressed! I used to worry about what to wear, what jeans looked best with that blouse, what color looked best with that blazer and whether the fit of the top looked good in combination with the flares jeans or not. That’s history. I grab a shirt, grab a pair of jeans and voilá! I’m ready. All my blazers, no matter what color, what print or what shape now match all combos, so I don’t have to worry about what looks good. I know they all do. So I can wear whatever I feel like that day!

I am happy! All together, the realisation of a minimalist closet has made me a happier human being. Of course, I still have room for improvement. That undie-drawer could use a make-over, I have bras I could sort out and I have a gazillion yoga pants (there is no way a couch potato like me needs that many options of yoga tights!), however. Baby steps! I am on my way, and I have learned that less is so much more.

Some of you might think: I don’t need that, I have my closet sorted already, well, then, my dear, you are not a hard-core Fashionista, and the problem of owning too many clothes was never your problem in the first place, move on.

Minimalism is the beauty to realize that we are not defined by how much we own, but what we own. Feel better, toss more, own less.

Or like the fabulous Reggi J. alwasy says: Was dich nicht Glücklich macht, kann weg.

2 thoughts

    1. Yes! One pair of black skinnys, dark blue denim skinny’s and casual grey culottes remained in my closet. Though, this is of course only my winter wardrobe. I will need to re-assess for the summer:-) good luck for your Capsule wardrobe!


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