Fun Minimalist Christmas gifts, make your own Talismans!

Talisman DIY, the perfect little Christmas gift for the people you love!

Don’t we all know the situation? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and we’re stressed out to find gifts for friends and loved ones. While it is often easier to come up with creative presents for close family and friends, just because we know them best, we might have difficulties to think of something nice for friends or acquaintances. We like or love them enough to want them in our lives but don’t know them well enough to gift anything useful. And don’t forget, we are minimalists, we don’t buy shit! If I get one more shitty random perfume gift set or Bath and Body works gift bag or chocolate again, I am going to stuff that shit down your throat!

Well, have no fear, my Talisman’s are here!

Perfect! They are sweet, don’t require a lot of time to make, are cheap but are so meaningful, it may make you cry, I’m not gonna lie, I had people already cry about my Talisman!

Loving the neutral Talisman designs…

First of all, it doesn’t matter whether the to-be-gifted person is religious or not, if you are not sure, just make a neutral Talisman, rather than a guardian angel, or make something totally different! A guardian lion maybe?

  • The wood figurines cost about $3 at Joann’s or Michael’s, pick the size you want, I took the smallest one here.
  • I used standard Acrylic lacquer and then painted on them with white gel pens and pencil. To make sure the color stays, I sprayed hairspray on them. Clear lacquer spray works even better!

To give the Talisman more of a personal note, I wrote a little rhyme to go along with it, rolled it up and put it in a little bag or bottle. Tearjerker, I promise!

Here are 3 little rhymes I prepared for you to download and be inspired, or just plainly copy as is.

My name is Bert

And with me you won’t ever be hurt!

I’ll be a guardian angel to you-

So, with me you’ll never feel blue

I’ll protect you from the evil and all that is bad

While I’m in your pocket

You shall never be sad.

Hello I am Sue

Your guardian angel,

Making sure you’ll never feel blue.

With me in your pocket, you’ll be happy all day long,

Days with laughter that ends in song.

So, let’s see the world and be on our way,

As long as I’m with you, Happiness is here to stay.

Hello there, they call me May,

I’ll be your guardian angel from today.

As long as I’m with you, I’ll keep the evil far away.

I’ll fight the ugly and all that is bad,

I will do my best, so you’ll never feel sad.

Stick me in your pocket and off we go.

I will be there and love you so.

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