Jane Fonda, Call on me!

Getting yourself to hop off the couch and into the exercise routine can be a tough one if your motivation is somewhere between limbo and nonexistent. For myself, I found that putting on cute leggings and a matching top works better than any drill instructor could. I get up in the morning and just can’t wait to put on that flashy outfit.

The danger of looking more like Richard Simmons than the actual aimed-for Raquel Welch is a serious one.

Do not make your lack of stylish workout clothes the excuse why you cannot work out, though. In fact, to lead a healthy life with exercise and strengthen your body, you might as well wear a potato sack or go butt naked, if you wish.

However, work out gear is kind of like wearing nice lingerie. It can immediately boost your confidence without other people even being aware of the circumstances.

I understand the difficulty to choose between all the workout outfits out there. The danger of looking more like Richard Simmons than the actual aimed-for Raquel Welch is a serious one.

So, I do urge you to get a cute pair of running tight or yoga leggings, instead of baggy sweat pants. The stretchy material works wonders on your thighs. The absolute sport fashion this season is mesh and other sheer materials working in a kind of patchwork symbiose on your legs. Or, as I was made aware of at recently: “Oh Karen, your leggings have air holes.”

Oysho Leggings

My own purple stretchy leggings function like spandex. The immediate effect of tightening my body shape, and toning my buttocks and legs, with revealing some skin through the mesh make me feel awesome. Or is it the feeling of a straight-jacket it gives me? Lying on my yoga matt stretching, bending and planking my breath away, I feel hotter than 82’s Jane Fonda (minus the leg warmers). The key is: Feel comfortable and also be comfortable to look at yourself in the mirror! If you dress like a slob you will feel like one or better: Fake it until you make it!

Never forget to laugh about yourself! While you try to look hot while you’re sweating!

I personally like to get my exercise outfits either in the US or Spain. Stores like Old Navy and Athletica offer great colorful gear with nice patterns, Target also just launched its newest private label JoyLab, which also offers super stylish fashion work out wear for plus sizes, too! In Spain, OYSHO, an Inditex Brand, is a dedicated retailer for cute and sexy athletic wear (a German online shop oysho.de is available, though!).

If in Germany, check out H&Ms athletic department, if you do not want to spend a fortune. They offer a variety of nice colors and modern cuts. Lululemon, in Hamburg on Poststraße, has nice workout gear, but are more on the pricy side, with leggings starting at 100€.

Sneakers need to be comfy!


Regarding shoes: Exercise and Yoga can be done barefoot. If you need shoes outdoors, I would turn my back on fashion and recommend you to go to a sports specialist, who can determine which kind of sports shoes is best for your walking posture. In the end here, fashion doesn’t count and healthy feet and bones are more important.

Now go on, put on those tights on and maniac your flash dance away.


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