Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8 *** Three Stars
Opening June, 20 2018
USA 2018
Directed by: Gary Ross
Writing Credits: Gary Ross and Olivia Milch
Principal Actors: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchet, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, James Corden

Debbie (Sandra Bullock) gets out of prison on good behavior, promising her desire to turn her life around. However, once an Ocean always an Ocean and just like her brother, Danny Ocean (George Clooney in the previous movies of the franchise) she has “heist” in her blood.
Yes, we can guess the plot: She is planning to pull the biggest heist of the century, yada yada yada, rounds up a bunch of fantastic cons with very useful talents, fast forward to later, you have eight women with a bunch of diamonds. No spectacular story, only mild laughs, until finally, James Corden as the witty insurance fraud specialist breezes in and saves the day. Only then do we really laugh. A “YAY” for James, the real star.

Though this movie relied heavily on its brilliant cast, it was disappointing that all eight lead roles were played by either young women or older women trying to look young. Sandra, we know those lips are not real! An elderly Diane Keaton or mature Meryl Streep would have been a lot more intriguing additions to the cast. Is this proof that Hollywood does not deal with women > 40 ?

There are so many bumps and holes in the story line that you finally feel relieved when the curtain falls, yet hoping, that there might be another sequel, George not being dead after all, and together with Brad rounding up the old crew. Sure, Sandra, Cate and Anne can stick around, a combination of both gangs may be entertaining, after all.

Why on earth would you try so hard to make a movie about women doing exactly what George Clooney and Brad Pitt and Co. have already done very successfully. No need to trump that. Don’t over proof your point. Yes, women can do anything. That doesn’t mean we have to copy men. And that’s what this movie feels like; a cheap knock-off Ocean’s 11 that you got in some shabby basement on the fake market. Only, it has “GRUCCI” written all over it – does the job, but utterly unsatisfying.


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