Go Get ‘Em Tiger

It’s here! Pumpkin Spice Latte (#PSL) in one hand and Vogue’s September issue in the other, I’m getting ready for the loveliest fashion season of them all—the beautiful fall. You might have spotted the following trends in stores or blogs yourself. Keep reading for tips on how to style and ride the new fashion trends.

Go get ‘em, Tiger…

…or leopard, or snake, or heck, even zebra.

This fall we are all for the animal print. No matter how trendy or not you are, there is no way around the 2018 fashion hype. Though leopard print has never really been out of style, this fall it’s bringing along its friends from the entire animal kingdom. Anything goes. If you feel unsure of how to style your prints, go easy and try a leopard belt on a solid black outfit. More daring? Perfect—up-style any outfit with flashy leopard or snake-printed leather booties. Not scared of anything?  This year you can even get away with the all-over print on a snake dress or zebra skirt-and-sweater combo. Trau dich!

Fashionista Becka of @rbcmrm is living the Leo spirit to the max.


Ralph Lauren Bucket Bag available via goertz.de




My all-time fall favorite color is having its 2018 comeback. Though all over could make you look a bit plain-janey, you might want to spice up your outfits with accessories like a fantastic leather bag or nice boots (my favorites here are the beautiful Ralph Lauren bag and Marc Cain boots).


IMG_3367The fanny pack(for the Americans among us, bum bag for the rest :-))

Don’t think we are going all Lisa Frank in flashy colors. This season the bum bag is more of a hip bag. Either you wear it like a purse around your shoulder or cross-body like fabulous Becka (@rbcmrm) or, unlike the first time around, this beauty is going around your waist. Don’t worry, this is not a competition about who’s got the tiniest waist, this is all about the bag. Real fashionistas would therefore wear it over a blazer and sweater.

Yee-haw cowboy boots

You read right, the cowboy boots are back in town. Please don’t mistake this year’s style with your Texas souvenir, though. Unlike the rodeo’s round-up styles, you will find this season’s boots to be pointier and more elegant. The leather is usually shiny and smooth, and the decorative stitchings are kept simpler and less flashy than on-the-ranch styles.

As always, fashion has no rules: you hate animal print, burgundy doesn’t work for you and you detested that fanny pack in the 90’s? You are no less awesome or stylish if you just skip any or all of these trends. Anything goes. Class is timeless, not dependent on any patterns or colors and never out of style.

This article was written for AWCHamburg, Current’s Fall Issue 2018

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