Loving Charleston, SC

I’m lucky enough to call myself a real Charlestonian. Born in the most beautiful town in the world, Charleston in South Carolina, is not only my birthplace, but a cornerstone of my life. Though not part of the elite strain of Charlestonians of distinct heritage, I proudly consider myself a southern belle, my sassyness and RBF (resting bitch face) certainly vouch for that.

RBF, Resting Bitch Face in perfection. Sassy Miss Karen in front of her home in Charleston 1989.

Charleston is part of my DNA, part of my soul and a defining column of who I am.

I will never let go of this place. I am what I am because of Charleston. How many beautiful memories I have, all in this most precious place in the world.

Voted “The South’s Best City” by Southern Living Magazine and the No.1 best City to visit in the world and the US by Travel + Leisure several years in a row, as well as the US’ second-most popular wedding destination behind Las Vegas, Charleston is safe to say a must go-to!

There are so many guides and “5 must see places to go”, “10 things to do” in and around Charleston, that when I started to do some research on my personal favorite places to write a blog post, I decided to go down a different path.

To commemorate South Carolina day, which is observed today, August 31, I would much rather just share photos of one of my many favorite spots in downtown Charleston – Rainbow Row.

With its’ rich history, Charleston was the setting to big moments in American history – the good, the bad and the ugly. It was also home to some of America’s most influential politicians, proof of which can be found scattered all over town in monuments, plaques and statues, so keep your eyes open!

Rainbow Row, Photos generously provided by @kmalinowski1203

Rainbow Row makes me happy. 

Located on East Bay Street house number 79 to 107, these colorful homes date all the way back to the 1770’s. With many changes, restructuring, fires and renovations in the last 250 years, their unique pastel colors make them the towns No.1 Instagram motif.

I passed these houses every time I was on the hunt for a free parking spot down the Battery. Walking back to meet up with friends, or going to a business lunch, I would look up to these houses and just feel lucky to be able to enjoy these rainbow beauties in the place I am glad to call home.

  • Where?: East Bay Street 79-107
  • When?: Early Mornings are best for getting the best sun and having only few pedestrians walking through your shot.



White Point Garden. Photos generously provided by @kmalinowski1203

While checking out Rainbow Row, make sure you walk further down East Bay on East Battery to White Point Garden. It’s terrific!

On the way, you might want to look over to the water and Cooper river; the chances are good for you to see some lucky dolphins blessing your beautiful day with their appearance!


















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