Frozen 2 in Theaters soon…


Brace yourself! It’s getting cold….Freezing cold, to be exact!  Frozen 2 ( die Eiskönigin 2) is on its’ countdown to coming to theaters in November! And it’s about time.

If we leave out this year’s grand masterpiece of Toy Story, and are totally honest with ourselves, Disney has not brought us the smashing hits we were promised.

Thank goodness that Woody and Bo Peep saved the Disney year for me, otherwise Aladdin and the Lion King would have totally ruined 2019, even Dumbo wouldn’t have been able to lift that in the air.

The pressure is clearly on. After Frozen made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside ever since 2014 and made us laugh tears with Olaf and the gang, I cannot wait for part 2 to give us more depth to the background of the wonderful royals of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna with her boo Kristoff.

Most pressing question though, will there be a smashing hit as memorable as “let it go”?

The suspense is killer, and we will see how fantastic this movie will be. Chances that it will be an epic fail like Tarzan 2, don’t forget legendary disaster Pocahontas 2 or the no-one-cares-story of Mulan 2, are slim to none. Disney knows what to put in theaters and what needs to be sent straight to video.

We might be lucky and Frozen will turn into a new Toy Story, with its franchise developing to such a magnificent extent, in which it seemed that each new movie trumped the previous one.

So I will finally let it go, give it to the Disney Gods, and trust that I will be one happy Karen when I go to see Frozen 2 later this month.

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