Quick Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas For Minimalists

We are all busy. While retailers are already stressing us into buying Christmas crap and presents for people we don’t even like, we are trying to keep our life together somehow.

And then there’s Thanksgiving right in front of us. We might think of that one dish that we have made forever, that will work and will be our only contribution (in my case sweet potato casserole) but let’s be honest, are we happy with that?

Here are 3 ideas, to make everyone at the Thanksgiving table’s eyes glow with only minimal effort but maximum effect! Last Minute Thanksgiving, here we go…

  1. Kiss the Turkey.

So small, so cute, and will make people smile 100%

Only thing you really need to buy is Hershey kisses (I took the almond ones because the wrapper is golden).

Then I painted paper in red, brown, orange and yellow ombre. Cut out the shape and scribbled feathers on it in gold pen. Voila!

  1. Gift bags for the children.

I found this on Pinterest via @Eighteen25 . What a cute idea!

I had to make 30 last year and had a friend help me. In only 2 hours, we were all done, and the children’s eyes were priceless when we brought the Turkey bags out!

The only thing I amended was: I painted paper to give the feathers an ombre and “more realistic” look (and also because I didn’t have coloured paper) and drew patterns on the feathers with a gold pen for the extra effect.


  1. Share your recipe.

Sure thing, simply done. See my recipe below:

Small effort but everyone will look back to this year’s Thanksgiving and think of how much love you put into details here.




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