The 3 Fashion Must-Haves for Winter 2019

Starbucks has officially announced the Christmas season by bringing back their iconic to-go holiday cups to a coffee shop near you. So here I am, once again, like every year, the memory of the Vogue September issue and the Fall Fashion slowly fading away. Now we are in the busy season! The Holidays and Winter is upon us. About time to dress accordingly!

Spoiler Alert: Not much has changed in the last three months, so in case you have missed getting fashion-ready for the colder season, be sure to style up before the first snowfall!

Here are the must-haves for anyone seeking guidance in this Fashion crazy world.

Strappy Cell-phone cases

Starting within the “Mutti”-community, the mom’s circle, in Berlin and Hamburg, the phone cases by XouXou are hot stuff for this Winter (though many other brands are now jumping on the trend selling similar styles)

I’m not going anywhere without my XouXou phone case!

The original phone cases are made of clear plastic and have colorful chords attached with metal rings to the case. Easy to wear around your neck or cross body. For the new season, the brand came up with new styles fitting in the utility trend, with bold colors, silicon cases and wide straps.

The trend has already made its’ ascent out of the strictly mommy-sphere into the hipster circles in Spring, the baskets of XouXou at your favorite department stores are constantly surrounded by trendy teens and tweens and marked the inevitable fashion highlight of Fall ’19.

This item has been my ultimate companion since my big move earlier this year. Your hands are always free, your phone is always there whenever you need it, and you won’t be missing any great photo-opp’s because you were fumbling through your handbag trying to fish out your phone in time just to….miss the seagull sitting on your table outside the café.

Any social media-ista should have this very handy accessory now – you won’t regret it.


Long 70’s dresses

They are all over the place! All the great Fashion retailers have been promoting them since the Summer sale. Foulard prints on long-sleeved high neck bottom long dresses with or without ruffles, and pleats. The varieties are endless. The prints are mesmerizing, and the accessories are a sure thing.  Go with uni-colored bags or shoes (I’d prefer elegant boots here), you don’t want to make people dizzy and throw up on your nice leather boots when they look at you. Vomit is a pain to clean up on suede!

The patterns range from millefleur, giving it a bit of romantic cowboy chic to full blown 70’s geometry classes. Any taste will be catered.



Faux leather and “vegan leather” to be exact. Formerly known as pleather (side note: pleather is not automatically vegan. “Vegan” desribes the property of a material if not made of any organic animal products), it’s your must-have this season. Though, just like animal print, leather can never be OUT of season anyway!

Skirts, jackets, Dresses, even Shirts and Pants, it’s “everything leather” instead everything-pumpkin spice this fall!

Stick to dark colors, even if you see a white pleather dress; I may well remind you: just because they sell it, doesn’t mean you have to buy it…











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