Personal Fashion Forecast Winter 2020

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I have been a Vintage-lover ever since my mother sold me my first hand-me-downs, praising how unique the outfit made me look. She got me hooked, I’ve been the Vintage girl ever since then. I have developed a special appreciation for the 60’s, while the 70’s and 80’s have also added their sprinkles in my wardrobe. This is not to say that I don’t buy new items. I like to spice up each season with some current fashion highlights to keep my wardrobe up to date, while by picking only bits and pieces out of every new season that really fit to me, I make sure to stay true to my signature style. To be sure of that: I don’t “hunt” for clothes but believe to run into fashion items that are meant to cross my path. The fashion gods will do what needs to be done.

This winter has been the following so far:

Head wrap: The last years I had already worn elastic headbands a lot, but just never found nice colors or patterns that didn’t make them look like a winter accessory. It was fate that placed me at a hand-made market in Berlin in November this year and brought me straight to @meloop. These Head wraps with a wire inside are a dream. I not only got two colors and a scrunchie, but also bought my sister one. Thank god for their online shop. I might get another one soon!

my new yellow headwrap and velvet sweater, always top!

Long gloves with fringes. I found beautiful short gloves with fringes at “Other Stories” but felt like something’s missing. I like my leather gloves to be more dramatic, so long gloves with leather fringes are a must for this season. I hope they fall into my lap soon.


Target, my fashion go-to here in Texas (a real fashionista knows that private labels do know their fashion shit!) has provided me with my most beautiful sweater-buy of the year. Now, I kind of feel like I want something in corduroy. Though I got a blouse from ZARA in blush mini-corduroys, I am hoping there is room for more fashioning in that department. We shall see.

Ballerinas from Nordstrom

I couldn’t have made these shoes better, even if I tried, and y’all know, I used to develop shoes, so I’m dead serious. These Ballerinas from CC Corso Como at Nordstrom in an animal print resembling pattern are a perfect low-key fashion statement.

The cushioning of these flats is a dream. I am walking on air, without the padding being too thick or feeling like an old lady’s shoe. The last is absolutely gorgeous. Pointy, with just the right angle cut out. The fit is magnificent. 100 points from the former shoe-fitting model, me.

Nordstrom has these shoes in different materials (click here), and I was sure to get me at least another one of these beauties, when to my surprise, a pair in black plain leather was sitting on the shelf at Nordstrom Rack, 70% off.

Dear Diary: Jackpot! I might add the Shoes in gold to my collection, though. That’s how much I love them!

A new cell phone case

While I got my current cell phone case in Germany earlier this year, (see my blog post here), I am longing for a change. It’s been a year, and not only since my youngest nephew used the rope as a pacifier substitute, I feel like I could do with something new. What that is, I don’t know though. The same brand XouXou but the new collection? I’ll keep you posted.

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