The only 5 Life lessons you will ever need to know


What do I know? Not much, I think. However, there are 5 very important lessons that have guided me through my life, and have crossed my path the moment I most needed the advice. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and so I embraced these phrases dear to my heart.  I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I do:

  1. Du siehst viel schöner aus wenn du lachst als wenn du eine Schnute machst.


Probably my most precious life lesson is best translated with maybe “turn that frown upside down”, but literally means: You are much prettier when you laugh than when you make a frown”.

There is no-one who can resist to smile about this rhyme!

Kopie von If it doesn't fit, It's Ugly anyway

  1. If it doesn’t fit, it’s ugly anyway

Who doesn’t know those moments, when you feel that spontaneous rush of Adrenalin gushing through your veins when you see that one adorable dress? You know instantly that this dress would make your life better, just a quick stop in the changing room and we’ll run to the register to be able to call this hot piece our own….and then, the unspeakable happens…it’s too small.  Size 8 is just a bit tight around the hips  (to be honest, full blown muffin top!) and the buttons around the chest are bursting. Of course, the only other size is a 14 which looks like a potato sack on you. Best way to go here is to focus on the negative properties of the item. For example tell yourself: that color looks terrible, who picked those buttons, polyester? Yikes!…see? it’s super easy. BTW, this system also works perfectly on men!

It is what it is.png


  1. It is what it is

What kills us most is thinking about the what ifs and “shoulda woulda coulda’s” in life. Thinking or even saying those words do not make us progress in our ways. Usually we do not take those terms to learn from them, but painfully make us feel bad because what we did in the end. If we take the situation as it is right now, we can think about where to go from there and tackle the next steps a lot more productively. No-one wants to be half-assed bashed by your own conscience.


  1. Whatever doesn’t make you happy, needs to go.

This is true for clutter, clothes, extra mugs in your cupboard or even toxic relationships. Not only the love affair that keeps you up at night, and not because of the mind blowing love-making but for self-doubt, waiting for him or her to call back, or double checking when he was last online, obsessing with their Instagram, checking the people he tagged on his night out…red flag! Lose that sucker! Also, friends, needy friends that cling and won’t give you space to breathe, or the friend that just calls you when she needs a moving buddy?  Love it or lose it! Wait, that’s actually another good phrase…

Unbenanntes_Werk 14

  1. It ain’t over ’til the fat Lady sings.

This is the life lesson my mom taught me, and boy would she know! Never feel too safe with how good things are and keep working hard to keep your standards high because you never know what may happen!  Her advice means a lot to me. As a girl growing up, I would doubt everything she said, I thought: What does she know? NOTHING!” Well, meanwhile I realize: She knew it all! If I could turn back time and give myself some piece of advise it’d be: Save the drama, listen to Mama!


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