6 Elf on the Shelf ideas for adults…


I’ve only had our Elf on the Shelf, Clark (named after our Christmas spirit animal Clark Griswold), a year now. I decided that for our first Christmas as a married couple, we should do something fun. And boy, would it be fun! Every Morning was filled with giggles and laughter after we discovered where Clark would be found this time. Usually I hid Clark, but every now and then Dan would take his turn and surprise me with something fun.

While I had spare time on my hands, I thought I might make it easier for those who actually work full time, have children, pets or are elsewise just too busy but would like to have some inspiration for fun mornings like Dan and I had.

6 Fun Elf in the Shelf ideas for adults…

  1. A message in powdered sugar. Works with flour as well but won’t be as fun to clean up (licking fingers – eachother’s 🙂 – is the key).
First rule: Don’t be a stinker:-)

2. Caught in the act…Clark was a bad boy, nymphomaniac, actually. And banged everything in the house. It felt like a friggin’ frat party.

3. Oh, those polaroid of Clark, evidence of the crazy nights. (you might need to borrow friend’s toys for this)

Calling it a wild party is an understatement!

4. The beer bottle is real love. Add a little note to find when he/she gets the milk in the morning: “party tonight?”, making your spouse look forward to coming home from work…

5. Clark needs his coffee fix, too. Though he apparently snorts its…and passes out, over his lines

Clark takes “Coffee addict” to a whole nother level…

6. Surprise your spouse with taking care of the laundry and then sticking a post-it on the washer: Laundry was sent to the North Pole for a special santa-freshen’ upper.

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